Highlights from 2021 – Reflecting back and Venturing forward

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This year has been filled with amazing milestones, news, achievements, and changes. Here are some of our key highlights or takeaways from 2021:

4. Introducing Working From Home 

‘Working from home’ has changed the dynamics of ‘the office’ and all that it entails. The importance of technology has become more prevalent along with quiet working spaces. In many of our own homes, we have our own working station, a good quality camera, and headphones so we are able to connect even if we are not in the office. We have become efficient with our time by working from home, which has helped us become more productive. 

The way we build communities has also shifted with this change. A trend that has been observed during this year is the implementation of ‘co-working spaces’ and ‘quiet spaces’ in new communities. We are moving into a world where ‘Working from Home’ has become a part of the norm, and our future homes thrive from these amenities.

In our project, Harlo, you will find a full co-working space with private meeting rooms which are perfect for zoom meetings. 

3. Creation of the Harlo Presentation Centre

Mid-summer we created our Harlo Presentation Centre, which was over 3,000 sq ft., and strategically perched on the edge of our project site, inviting homeowners to envision where they will be standing when the building construction is complete. 

With the many changes that came with Covid-19, it was important for us to provide an elevated, yet safe, experience for anyone entering our doors. All of our walk-throughs were by appointment only which made the experience safe, but also more intimate. As guests walked in they were greeted with a ‘First Things First’ station which was equipped with hand sanitizer and branded Steelix face masks. 

The focal point of the presentation centre was the 5’x14’ scale model, allowing for distanced group viewings on either side and positioned to mirror the real-life site orientation. The 987 sq. ft., 2-bedroom display suite showcased the wrap-around balcony and gave buyers true views of homes that will face East of South when the building is completed.

The creation of the Harlo Presentation Centre will always be a huge milestone for us.

2. Announcement of the Surrey/Langley Skytrain Extension 

The Surrey/Langley Skytrain will begin construction around 2024 and will complete around 2028. This creates a great opportunity for future homeowners, locals in the area, and leaves room for community growth. As the population is increasing there is a lot of desire for different forms of transportation and to reduce carbon emissions. With fewer cars on the road, we can move towards a sustainable community and support economic development. 

The future Surrey/Langley Skytrain is also located near areas in which we have invested in, and is a part of our growing communities. They are able to connect to other parts of the City which is ideal for those who prefer this form of transportation versus cars, buses, etcetera. Our society is becoming more sustainable, and our communities are more connected. 

We look forward to seeing this extension come into profusion. 

1.Harlo Is Sold Out 

We are happy to announce that our Harlo project Sold out in Mid-November and are thankful to the Clayton community for giving us the opportunity to bring 132 new homes to the area. We are grateful to local businesses like, Black Tiger Coffee, Fluid Spa, Dukes Fine Icecream, and Camp Beer for collaborating with us.

A heart-filled thank you goes out to all of our teams, partners, collaborators, industry professionals, and consultants for their expertise and hard work on Harlo.

We appreciate all of our supporters and followers online and offline who have followed the Harlo journey thus far. Stay tuned for more Harlo updates in 2022, you can register for Steelix future communities here.

Here’s to 2022, may it be filled with success, great health, prosperity, and happiness for everyone.

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