How to add the perfect Autumn accents to your Home

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It’s that time of year again– the leaves are changing colours, the weather is getting cozier, and the autumn home décor is coming out of its bins. Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, and nothing gets me more excited than changing up my home décor (without breaking the bank!).

Here are some easy tips and tricks on how to change up your current home décor to be more Autumn-esque.

Get Inspired

Whether it’s your favourite magazine, design book, outfit, or movie—you can be inspired by the smallest details. When styling my home for Autumn I like to jump onto Pinterest and explore Autumn décor. This allows me to create a mood-board. This helps because when I’m shopping, I have my phone handy to refer to my inspiration pictures. A lot of my inspiration comes from the style and colour palette of my home.

Design is all about balance and during these cooler month’s hues of greens, oranges, burgundy, browns, and neutrals pair well with textures like woods, wool, rattan, and velvets. You most likely won’t be changing large items in your home (sofa, dining table, and etcetera) so bring in that autumn vibe by changing up how you dress your larger items. For instance, on your sofa, change up your throw blankets and pillowcases.

An option is to change up a pillowcase from Ikea or from another local store. You can keep your pillows the same but change the cases throughout the different seasons. You can reuse those beauties year after year!

Bring the outdoors in

Imagine yourself standing near your window looking out to your beautiful backyard. Cup of coffee in hand, you glance at your gorgeous tree but a few of its branches and leaves are starting to break off. This is your time to act!

Drink your coffee and go trim that branch to bring it in. Be sure to give it a shake and be careful of spiders and other bugs. Now place the branch in a tall vase and you have added a unique and beautiful autumn touch to your space, and best of all—it was free.

Buy products that you can use in different areas, or for different purposes

Another tip when looking for Autumn décor is look for items that you can use in different areas of your home. For instance, Pinecone Potpurri is readily available at places like Walmart, Home Sense, and even the Dollar Store. Add a handful to a glass jar to display on your coffee table, dining table, or in your bathroom.

Sometimes, the simplest items can become stunning décor. Add fruit like oranges, limes, and lemons to a glass or wood bowl to add a pop of colour. Remember our Pinterest board from earlier – we are incorporating the key textures and colours we wanted into our décor change up! Can you smell the citrus? This brings me to my next tip for updating your décor—lighting Autumn scented candles.

Lastly, My Two Scents

One of our greatest senses is smell, so why not use it to add to your Home and transition into Autumn. Autumn candles are a staple. Pumpkin spice, sandalwood, cinnamon, and apple cider are only the beginning of the yummy scents available.

So, here you are at the end of a long day of decorating and styling; you light that delicious candle and settle into your sofa with your terracotta pillows, feet up on the coffee table (with your comfy fuzzy socks) and you can finally admire your gorgeous Autumn décor. Ah, what a sight.

Now enjoy this time my dear friend because next thing you know you will be putting away these Autumn accents and pulling out the Holiday décor bins!

But do not worry, because you can come back to this space, and we will give you more tips on how to incorporate the holidays into your homes.

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Happy Decorating!
Gurp Dhaliwal-Purewal

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