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How we utilize the space in our homes has taken a different perspective in the last year and a half, and for good reason. We’ve had to alter our routines, and we’ve heard from many people that it’s a good time to look for a new home that better suits their needs. Some are looking for more space, while others have felt they have a little too much home. 

Our intention was to make the most livable homes with elevated amenities, and we’re thrilled to see how many people have enjoyed Harlo’s approach to their next home. In fact, we’re taking many of your comments and suggestions into consideration for our future projects. 

The consistent thoughts are around how to better utilize space, both within the home and common areas, as we expected. However, there’s another perspective that we didn’t put enough emphasis on, and that’s the “feeling of coming home”.  Being proud of where you live and the sense of arriving home puts a smile on your face. 

For some, this might be the landscaping as you approach Harlo, or the way it pulls you away from the city and shifts you into your own environment. While this approach was about building community and having a sense of connection, Harlo’s impact certainly goes beyond curb appeal.

Looking into the draw of living at Harlo, we have to take all aspects into account, including the location, the amenities, the finishing of each home, and the design approach that are interconnected.

As you’re looking for your next home, here’s a few things to consider:

Timing of your Move

Purchasing a home that is completed will have a short time until you move, while a condo project that is being sold presale will typically have a completion timeline of over 18 months. For some this could be too long, however, we’ve seen more people who appreciate the construction time to plan the move and work through the process of getting ready to move. 

Daily Conveniences

As you look at the area surrounding Harlo, you’ll see hundreds of shops, restaurants, and services within minutes. This can be a convenience for your errands and an opportunity to find new places that are within walking distance of your new home. As you frequently visit these spaces you will notice how quickly the neighbourhood will feel like your own.

Space Planning

Finding a floor plan can be easier if you think about the function of each space, rather than trying to replace what you currently have. Consider how you’ll set up eating, morning and evening routines, work, hobbies, and storage.


Within the location that you’re moving to, how many activities would you do? At Harlo, this could be using the co-working space, golf simulator, lounge for big games, BBQs or picnics, working out, or playing pool. From a budget perspective, how much of this is included in your strata fees are you currently paying elsewhere?

Take each of these tips and weigh each based on the importance for your next home. Planning your next step shouldn’t be rushed, and we encourage you to see how Harlo compares to your list. 

Harlo is now Sold Out. Thank you to the Clayton Community! For future Steelix Developments’ project updates register here.

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