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For most people, their home is both their largest asset and the place where they spend the most time. It makes sense for that place to be enjoyable – somewhere that feels like home and that you look forward to coming back to each day.

To make the homes at Harlo more gratifying, we spent time listening to current homeowners, listed all the things we love about our own homes and built a wishlist. Using this compiled list, we decided what could be accomplished in a condo building, leaving us with a starting point and initial direction for our interior design team, BYU design.

The final results are the modern, welcoming Harlo homes that we’re proud to offer. Features throughout the home have been expanded from the initial idea of making homes more livable by increasing storage, maximizing utility of each square foot and building in conveniences where possible.

This is most apparent in the Harlo kitchens, and for good reason. When awake, most people spend the majority of their time in the kitchen – cooking, eating and socializing.

Discover kitchen details at Harlo.

By design, there are a limited number of kitchen layouts available at Harlo. This means we can show more homeowners exactly what their kitchen will look like. There are two main kitchen layouts; one features a peninsula and the other features an island.

“What makes a great kitchen?”

Let’s look at the E1a plan’s kitchen that you can explore in our 2-bedroom display home at Harlo’s Presentation Centre.

This plan, like all kitchens at Harlo, focuses on making the most of your kitchen space.

The kitchen island has become a multipurpose, premium space.

These homes include a beautiful island that has space to accommodate up to 4 bar stools, offering the flexibility for a quick breakfast, lunch, or even dinner. You can also conveniently set up homework or a video call and still have plenty of space for meal prep.

Our under-mount sink and matte black fixture with pull-down spray are standard in all homes. A large, single basin sink keeps tasks manageable, even with full-size pots and pans. When standing at the sink, within reach are both the Samsung dishwasher and built-in Panasonic microwave while leaving storage space directly below. At the end of the island are two key features: a built-in towel rack and a power outlet that enables USB charging.

Not every home can accommodate an island, so we’ve also introduced a layout with a peninsula. It delivers an open kitchen with similar feel, additional storage and space for seating.

Stainless Steel Appliance Package

Completing the look and feel of our kitchens is a stainless steel appliance package anchored by a 5-burner gas range and French door fridge, both by Samsung. Above the range is a Faber slide-out hood fan that tucks away neatly when not being used. 

All of these options were selected based on feedback from homeowners who wanted to have gas cooktops, drawer-style freezers and preferred the easy access and additional fridge storage space provided by French doors. 

Rather than having a large, stainless steel hood fan stand out above the stove, finding a way to have it blend into its surroundings when not in use was important. It highlights the sleek look of the upper cabinets while letting the kitchen visually blend into the background from the living and dining spaces.

Form & Function

Throughout the kitchen, you’ll find additional touches that are designed to encourage you to make the home your own. The bookshelves in the kitchen are designed to show your personal style or provide accessible storage for your most-used items. 

All of the cabinets and drawers are soft-close and have hidden pulls so the front surfaces stay smooth and there’s nothing on which to snag your clothes.

Each kitchen features a pantry cabinet that differs by floor plan, each designed to fit your needs and store all of your groceries out of sight.

See It For Yourself

Harlo has been designed for you to enjoy the time you spend at home.

Harlo is now Sold Out. Thank you to the Clayton Community! For future Steelix Developments’ project updates register here.

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