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Our commitment involves listening to community feedback and understanding how we can build better homes. It is now easier than ever to be a part of that conversation. The Steelix “Have Your Say” survey is available for everyone to fill out. For every survey that is completed, Steelix will plant one tree in BC as we continue to give back to our community.

Through this survey, we want to learn more about how people spend their time and what they value about a home, beyond its feature sheet. We want to learn more about the impact of transportation, the neighbourhood, project amenities, and more. This knowledge allows us to continue to develop homes that are a perfect fit for potential homeowners, regardless of what stage of their lives they are in.

So far, the most common feedback we’ve received has been about value for dollar and the amenities beyond the home, so let’s start there.

Value for Dollar in a Condo

There are certain elements that are required for every condo building. Within the suites, it includes bathrooms, kitchens, and other living spaces. As part of the building, there are common spaces, security elements, and amenities included that are mandated by city building standards.

However, with each of these requirements, there is room for both improvement and choice. A building must provide a level of security that includes a fob entry, enter-phone, pre-wired security systems and locks on unit doors. For our project, Harlo, we’ve also considered security from the perspective of keeping our residents safe, which is why there are Wi-Fi and video surveillance systems throughout the common and shared areas; you’re always connected in case of an emergency. 

Within the homes, there are thoughtful details that make each home more livable. These features include party and storage options in the kitchens, French door style fridges and additional cabinetry in the bathrooms. Each of these additions make a difference and will help residents feel right at home.

Amenities Beyond Your Home

This is a bit of an extension of your home since you will see more value when there are building and neighbourhood amenities that you’ll enjoy regularly. We believe that the process of buying a home should consider how residents want to live, work, eat, and play.

As you’re looking for a home, consider the differences that a new location will have on your travel time to your regular activities. Will some of those things need to change? If so, what is the best alternative that is close enough to your new home?

Within the building itself, there are plenty of options to meet the required level of amenity space. In some projects, you might see only a lounge area, while others have hundreds of homes that utilize incredible amenities. It can be a challenge to find the right balance when you have a project that’s in the middle. For Harlo the amenity spaces are separated by design, to provide residents with more options. If someone were to stay on the property, they can maximize their day without getting into their car. Rooftop lounges, a virtual fitness studio, gym, golf simulator, chef’s kitchen, garden plots, bbq and children’s play area – there’s plenty to choose from! Each homeowner will see the value of the community that has been built, along with seeing that their strata fees are delivering something tangible that they enjoy.

Some of the amenity decisions are beyond our control during project development, which is why we carefully select properties that have many desirable amenities nearby. Great schools, parks, community centres and local businesses bring value to every community and the development projects there. Clayton checks off all these boxes and we’ve designed a multi-project approach for the area because we believe that many people will love living here.

It’s Time for You to Have your Say

Each quarter, we’ll be rotating the survey questions with a different aspect in mind. Each time a new set of questions is released, we hope to have more people participate and help us develop a strong understanding of what people are looking for in their next home.

At the end of the year, we would like to publish our findings for more developers and builders to learn from. We’ll also tally up how many trees were planted based on your submissions! Your Say is creating a positive impact on your community.

Take a moment and tell us more about yourself and what you’re looking for in your next home. We’re here to listen to our future homeowners because together, we build communities.

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