Choosing a Gift for New Homeowners

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Whether it’s a housewarming get-together or simply the first time you’re visiting family or close friends in their home, it can be thoughtful to bring a small gift of congratulations. Buying for new homeowners can be tough because you’re not sure what they already own. Look to choose something that will help them settle into their new home, make their lives a little more comfortable, or help them establish/reinvent their routines as they get used to their surroundings. At the very least, you’ll want your gift to allow them to build memories in their new space, as it transforms from an empty to a comfortable home that feels like it was designed specifically for them.

To make this shopping list feel more manageable, we’ve broken it down into 6 categories:

  • Comfort
  • Scents
  • Home Essentials
  • Kitchen
  • Greenery
  • Wine

Since the goal is to gift something useful and practical, you don’t want it to sit in the back of the closet collecting dust. Aim for items that will be used often as they become a part of everyday life for the new homeowner. Think of ways that you can help solidify a morning or evening routine, simplify daily tasks, or prepare their home for any number of last-minute events or gatherings that may take place. You can never be too prepared! Here are some simple ideas to consider for any budget:


Ideal Gifts:Throw BlanketRobe & SlippersLuxury Bath Towels

A nice throw blanket makes any living room more stylish. Plus, you can never have too many blankets when the weather cools down and you are craving cozy nights on the couch with a warm drink. Gifting a comfortable robe and pair of slippers is a great way to help them enjoy those early mornings and late nights as they get acquainted with their new environment. Luxury bath towels are another simple gift idea that will be appreciated and used consistently!


Ideal Gifts:Oil DiffuserSpecialty Candle

Give the gift of zen with an oil diffuser that can fill a home with any natural scents. Oil diffusers can help with relaxation as well as relieve anxiety and stress, all while eliminating odours from one’s home. If you’d rather go with something a little more classic, consider a large, nicely-scented candle that will burn for a long time and help create an inviting ambiance for those cool fall and winter evenings.

Home Essentials

Ideal Gifts:VacuumFire ExtinguisherSmart Home Assitant

A wall-mounted vacuum can be tucked away in a closet or beside the laundry area, wasting no functional space but remaining nearby for when it’s needed. Every new homeowner would find good use out of a quality vacuum. Speaking of having things that could be needed in a hurry, every home should be equipped with a fire extinguisher but homeowners rarely remember to get one for themselves. You can help keep them safe in case of an emergency, like if they forget the Christmas turkey in the oven while they’re vacuuming the floor! Help them wind down at the end of the day by getting them a Smart Home Assistant¹. The latest versions are quite attractive and have been made to look chic in almost any space. Voice-controlled and easily connected over WiFi, they can help control TVs, music, and lighting, plus the owners can answer their phone calls hands-free when they’re trying to salvage the burnt turkey remains.

¹ Read more about the importance of integrated technology within the home (LINK to previous blog post)


Ideal Gifts:Personalized Cutting BoardClassy Storage SolutionsIconic Cast-Iron Cookwear

A personalized, engraved cutting board will make the move feel official and provide a timestamp for that period of their lives. Nobody ever has enough food storage, so a good set of modular glass containers and matching lids are a great option. For the more design-inclined, simplicity meets elegance with any number of colourful enamelled cast-iron cookware variations. Leave them on display for kitchen decor, then use them for easy one-dish meals that are hearty enough for the whole family.


Ideal Gifts:SucculentsIndoor PlantsHerb Gardens

Adding a plant or two fits into any home. Succulents, money trees, or snake plants make great gifts because they are inherently resilient, pet-friendly, and don’t take up too much space. Traditional floor or patio planters can take up a lot of space. Modern indoor planters have become very popular and provide the same feeling of bringing the outside in without taking up much (if any) space on the floor. Vertical planters that can be hung on the walls and tabletop herb gardens are great ways to minimize the physical footprint of plants that you gift to any apartment owner.


Ideal Gifts:A good bottle of WineWine Cooler BagWine Aerator

A bottle of wine to celebrate a new home may seem cliché, but there is a reason why it has stood the test of time as a housewarming gift – it has yet to go out of style. You can even deliver the wine in an environmentally-friendly, lightweight cooler bag that can be reused to chill wine instead of making its way into a back closet or in the landfill. The stain- and water-resistant bags are designed to look like leather so they will deliver your gift in style, not to mention at the right temperature! Want to consider a wine gift that lasts longer than one evening? Consider purchasing them a subscription that delivers wine to their door every month. If you’re looking for a way to help get dinner on the table quickly, an electronic wine aerator will decant a bottle in a fraction of the time it would take in a regular glass decanter.

While housewarming gift shopping can be difficult to get right, ultimately it’s the thought that counts. Give from the heart and with the new homeowner’s best interests in mind. Whether it’s an item from this list or a personal favourite of the individual you’re shopping for, showing that you care is most important.

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