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Have you ever stepped into a house or apartment and felt like you were transported back in time? You feel happy because you are nostalgic, but that quickly disappears as you notice the outdated fixtures and features around you. This is why it is important to know how to design and purchase spaces that are timeless and built keeping the future in mind. Beyond the comfort of feeling like you are home, you want your space to have features that will age gracefully. The goal is to look for a mix of current, up-to-date fads, and timeless commodities that will ensure that your next home is ready for you to live in today and also well into the future

A timeless home feels just right when you walk into it – no matter when it was built. Successfully integrating timeless features can add significant value to a home during the resale process as they will appeal to a wider range of potential buyers. These homes are more likely to be seen as ‘move-in ready’ and not just appeal to people who are willing to renovate or update. 

When the home is timeless–you can design it as you wish 

An advantage of having a home that is well-integrated and timeless is being able to decorate and design the interior to fit your style. You can take elements of the ‘old’ and ‘new’ and create your home to fit you. As we grow with the times, it is nice to have features that will live longer than a trend. Your style, and how you decorate your home, can continue to evolve but it is important to find/build a home that considers the future, especially with technology. 

Let’s talk about technology! 

Technology has made an impact on design considerations for all new development projects, proven by smart home features that are continuously gaining momentum. As more opportunities arise to have products and integrations built into your home, the best developments prepare for seamless connections in all of their units. 

Whether it’s front-of-mind systems like wireless internet and cable or more advanced ‘modern-day luxuries’ like integrated systems, the planning must include the connection and servicing requirements of each feature. 

We live in a world where technology is advancing and if we integrate it within our homes it can assist us in connecting to one another, make our lives more convenient, and even help us feel safer. 

Controlling home with a digital touch screen panel installed on the wall. Close-up on a screen with mobile application for managing smart devices

Staying connected 

Within our homes, it is important for us to provide the ability to have wireless internet or cable. This helps us connect with our loved ones and also with the outside world. 

Initial wiring can ensure or hinder an adequate level of service, no matter the speed or bandwidth quoted by an internet service provider. In many cases, especially with older buildings, the internet speed can deteriorate due to outdated wiring, which can leave residents with underwhelming performance issues that cannot be easily resolved. This is why it is important for us to make sure wireless internet and cable connections are strong and accessible. 

Making life easier 

Integrated technology can also help us make our lives at home much more convenient. We may not have found this to be a necessity in the past but looking forward this has become a key feature for many. Integration systems such as lighting, audio, or even automating blinds make it easier for us to function on a daily basis. For a younger generation, this may come very easily but for an older generation, this may be a feature that makes their day-to-day activities easier and less abrasive, all from a click of a button or voice-automation. 

Feeling safer 

Lastly, integrated technology within our homes can also make us feel safe, more so than it did in older homes. We have the ability to place cameras and doorbells that make it possible to see who is in or around the house. In order for us to have all these features, we need to make sure our homes are timeless and adequately integrated. 

Our Perspective 

Our goal with our homes is to create them with the future in mind. With an ever-evolving world, it is important for us to be up to date with the latest developments and requirements within our homes. We want these features to be practical from the moment a homeowner enters for the first time, and remain relevant for as long as the homes are lived in. Our process is a part of the beginning steps for your house to begin feeling like home!

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