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The commitment that Steelix has to Clayton is both a practical and personal mission. Our company’s visionaries have watched this community expand and grow over the 30 years that residential growth has occurred in this area and want to contribute our vision for how Clayton has become a vivid community. 

For us, we can rarely say that a region that checks off so many of the common buying criteria occurs within an area that is still has a lot of room for growth. We focus on developing properties that meet as many of these criteria as possible.

Clayton is an area that includes the following conveniences:

  • Schools within walking distance 
  • Community Centre nearby
  • Ample parks with activities for people of all ages
  • Established community amenities (daycares, senior assisted living facilities, organized sports groups)
  • Accessible and reliable transit routes
  • Easy access to main roads and highways
  • Variety of shopping choices and alternatives
  • Close proximity to numerous local businesses 
  • Neighbourhood events held throughout the year

While it is not a new area of development, it is going into one of its final stages of expansion. New home options are coming to West Clayton and East Clayton, including four future Steelix projects that we will be launching in the coming years.

As the area continues to grow, it becomes even more important for homebuyers to be provided with access to all of the conveniences we mentioned earlier. For young and expanding families, they want to ensure that their children will be able to obtain a good education. People moving into the area will not usually want to lengthen their daily commute, so being close to reliable transit routes and local highways is imperative to keep traffic flowing. Being surrounded by a number of local eateries, shops and entertainment allows residents to enjoy their neighbourhoods without needing to always get into their cars to find things to do. Clayton is an area that is very enjoyable on foot or on a bicycle! This sense of community also encourages opportunities for interaction with other local residents, as so many recreational activities don’t require a commute. That same community-mindedness fosters a safe, multicultural society that we’re so proud of in Surrey.

As you can see, that list doesn’t make any mention of your home. We understand that the homes we build are only part of your buying decision. This is why we are always looking for the right projects – ones that we can build on top of the success of communities like Clayton that already have great environments to live in.

For many people looking for a new home at an affordable price, they are moving further east into the Fraser Valley, and Clayton is a great choice. Being on the border between Surrey and Langley, many of the amenities are new, particularly the community centres. Besides the Clayton Community Centre, the Langley Events Centre and a large outdoor water park and wave pool are only a short drive away!

We love this area, and you will too.

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